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Toyota serviced at our service center in Leesburg VA

In 1885, it was recorded the first modern car was made. Since then, the motor vehicle industry has had a steady growth curve, one that doesn’t seem to be reclining anytime in the foreseeable future. However, a phenomenon one can note is despite the market being flooded with cars, and everyone strives to take the best of care to their vehicle. Especially when you’re seeking a professional Toyota Service Center.

Unfortunately, due to lack of enough resources or a simple undermining of facts leads cars to deteriorate in form. Which is why In Motion Motors started a Toyota service center and repair shop in Leesburg, Virginia. The garage is small in comparison, which allows them to cater to all your needs. Moreover, they have invested in the latest gadgets in the industry.

Every car has a brake system. Its function is straightforward, to stop the car at your command. However, due to various reasons, brakes can become inefficient which could have disastrous outcomes. Hence, at In Motion Motors, they have all the needed equipment to check how efficient your braking system is, and to repair in discrepancies. If required, they can also overhaul your entire Toyota braking system.

Oil change is a crucial component to ensuring your car’s prime condition lengthens. However, you should ensure that all oil change is done at factory recommended intervals and by a trained specialist. Here, they will run all the necessary oil tests needed and change what isn’t working. All the mechanics are factory trained, which enhances their ability to work on your automobile.

If your vehicle usually has dimmed out lights even when it’s been turned off, or you encounter challenges turning on your car, then most likely your battery is old and needs to be replaced. The mechanic at the repair shop will fix and change your car’s battery to ascertain it maintains optimum performance.

Visit the In Motion Motors repair shop to experience these –and more services which will leave your Toyota looking and feeling fresh as new.


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